Guidance for Scottish graduates repaying pupil debt

Guidance for Scottish graduates repaying pupil debt

Due to the fact graduation period starts, BBC Scotland training correspondent Jamie McIvor provides advice to Scottish graduates on repaying their pupil financial obligation.

How exactly does the learning pupil money system in Scotland work?

Scottish pupils at Scottish universities try not to spend tuition costs. Nonetheless they often need to borrow significant levels of cash towards bills.

These are generally eligible for an upkeep loan which will be means-tested and based on home and circumstances. The most they could receive is ?5,750 per year together with loan that is minimum ?4,750. This alone implies that a graduate that has finished a four 12 months level would owe nearly ?20,000.

Those under 25 whom result from families where home earnings is below ?34,000 per year also can make an application for a “Young pupils’ Bursary” which doesn’t need become reimbursed. Continue reading “Guidance for Scottish graduates repaying pupil debt”